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    DSX Docking Station
    The iNet DS docking station is a simple to use plug-and-play docking station. It requires no installation of administration software or server hardware. For on-the-go end users, the iNet DS docking station can even be used from a vehicle to maintain gas detectors in the field.
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    Safe Behaviour
    iNet Control
    Users can configure and manage their gas detection fleet via iNet Control, a web-based application accessible from any PC Web browser. From this application, users can schedule calibrations, bump tests, instrument firmware upgrades and other automatic events. In addition, they can set alarm thresholds and other customer settings. To gain practical insight into a user's gas detection program, users can view trends, performance metrics and customised reports.
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    Automatic Calibration
    As gas detectors are docked, they will be calibrated automatically, based on user-defined calibration schedules. The schedules can be set for the entire fleet, a subset of instruments or for individual instruments.
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    Automatic Bump (Function) Testing
    As gas detectors are docked, they go through automatic diagnostics and bump testing to ensure all components are in working order and ready to protect. User-defined testing schedules can be set for the entire fleet, a subset of instruments or for individual instruments.

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    Print/Save Certificates & Documentation
    Print calibration and bump certificates either directly from a printer connected to the docking station or through iNet Control, using any printer on the network.

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    Configurable Alerts & Reports
    iNet Control includes a comprehensive view of all activity and reports for your account. Users can view specific alerts and reports, such as sensor and calibration gas replacement, fleet usage, alarm responses, maintenance reminders and more. Email alerts can also be configured to notify users of specific alerts or reports.

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    Equipment Group Management & Visibility
    Based on the specific needs of your gas detection program, you can define your own equipment groups and assign specific instruments and settings to each group. Alerts and reports can be generated for either individual groups or across all equipment groups.

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    Alarm Analysis
    iNet Control provides analysis of alarms at various levels of detail. Alarm analysis can be conducted at an aggregate level or down at an individual alarm event. The analysis can include the frequency and duration of alarms, gas type during an alarm and more. Alarm events can be studied per instrument and, perhaps more importantly, per user of the instrument while it was in alarm.

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    Mobile/Offline Operation
    For users on the move, the iNet DS docking station can function in a vehicle using a 12V charger. It operates seamlessly with intermittent network availability by automatically synchronising each time the network is available.
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    Gas Detector Program Performance Index
    This tool allows the user to benchmark their gas detection program against a list of industry best practices or best practices as defined by a user's corporate policies. They can also compare their performance to industry averages. In addition, users are provided with a list of ways to improve their performance index. This tool can also be used to monitor day-to-day gas detection program performance and to help identify areas of improvement.

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    Painless Service

    Hosted, In-The-Cloud Software
    iNet Control is entirely hosted on the Web and is accessible through any PC Web browser, requiring no installation or maintenance of hardware or software at the customer site.

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    Remote Installation & Training
    Even with plug-and-play set-up and a simple easy-to-use iNet Control interface, some customers may be more comfortable with expert guidance and training during set-up. For these customers or customers who have installation challenges, Industrial Scientific provides up to 4 hours of live phone and web-based assistance and training at no additional cost for iNet and iNet InSite customers installing 1 to 5 iNet DS docking stations.
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    Automatic Gas Detector & Software Upgrades
    iNet Control will notify you of of any relevant gas detector firmware upgrades available. Simply schedule the upgrade and dock the instrument to complete the firmware update.
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    Automatic Replenishment of Calibration Gas
    The calibration gas auto-replenishment program is the most efficient way for customers to manage their calibration gas. When iNet Control detects a cylinder with a low level of gas, a new gas cylinder will automatically be sent to the customer.
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    Calibration Gas Cylinder Monitoring
    Users are alerted via email or through iNet Control when a cylinder has a low level of gas.
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    On-site Installation
    On-site installation is optional for 1-5 docking stations, and is included with installation of more than 5 docking stations.
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    On-site Training
    On-site training is optional for 1-5 docking stations, and is included with installation of more than 5 docking stations.

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    Fleet & Sensor Monitoring
    iNet continuously monitors the state of the gas detectors and determines if any component requires replacement or service. The iNet support team receives notification when an instrument is in need of service and will automatically initiate an instrument exchange.
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    Proactive Instrument Exchange
    When iNet detects an instrument in need of service, the dedicated iNet support team will send out a replacement instrument that typically arrives within 48 hours to replace the instrument to be serviced. Simply put the old instrument in the same box, attach a pre-paid address label and send it back to the iNet support centre.
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    Factory-Certified Instrument Service
    All instruments received as part of the exchange service have been serviced and tested by factory-certified Industrial Scientific technicians to ensure your replacement instruments are reliable and can immediately be placed in your fleet.
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    Replacement & Repair Parts Included
    Replacement and repair parts are included in the cost of the user's subscription to the iNet solution. There are no additional fees.
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    No Labour or Delivery Charges
    No fees are charged in the event the customer requires a new instrument to be sent to them.
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    Dedicated iNet Support Team
    The iNet Support Team is available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to provide immediate, dedicated support to all iNet customers. Contact 1-888-FOR-INET.
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    Multi-Language Live Support     X X
    Flexible Fleet Sizing
    Should your gas detection needs change over the course of an iNet agreement term, you can easily update your subscription to add gas detectors, new sensor types, docking stations or accessories to your fleet.
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    Discounted Instrument Rental Services
    For temporary additional gas detection needs, you can rent gas detectors at a discounted rate, available to iNet customers only. Rental periods, from weekly to monthly, provide flexibility and convenience for short-term projects.
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    Discounted Calibration Gas
    Calibration gas is not included in the pricing for iNet and iNet InSite; however, it is available at a discounted rate as part of your subscription.
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    Gas Detector Set-up Support at Launch     X X
    Fixed Monthly Costs     X X
    Monitor/worker location tracking       X
    Real-time data collection       X

    * Onsite installation and onsite training are optional for iNet. Onsite installation is optional for iNet InSite.

    **Calibration gas supply is not included in the pricing of any of our solutions. Industrial Scientific's Calibration Gas Auto Replenishment Program is optional with both iNet and iNet InSite.

    OHSAS and ISO Certifications
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