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Instrument Maintenance

Schedule instrument bump tests and calibrations to occur automatically

Receive replacement units from Industrial Scientific when iNet detects a malfunctioning instrument in your fleet



Provide required records on demand

Eliminate the prone-to-error task of manually maintaining records


Field Visibility

Understand how your instruments are being used in the field and the risks your team faces

Use data to proactively correct poor use behaviour


How iNet Works

1. Dock the gas monitor.
  • Docking Stations
    2. Docking station performs bump tests, calibrations, and uploads monitor data to iNet.
  • 3. iNet Control provides full access to your program’s most critical data.
  • 4. Replacement monitors are delivered to you should iNet uncover a problem.
  • 5. Your team goes back into the field using reliable gas monitors.
iNet Control
iNet Control
iNet Control
iNet Control

iNet Control

With iNet Control, users can configure and continuously manage their gas detection program from any mobile browser or web-enabled PC.


Accenture Life Safety Solution - Wireless

The Accenture Life Safety Solution (ALSS) is a wireless, real-time solution which continuously monitors a worker's exposure to gas and their location while in a plant environment, using iNet and the Ventis LS multi-gas detector.

ALSS Brochure Download a brochure to learn more about the ALSS

How Our Customers Are Using iNet

iNet helps customers to achieve complete gas detection programs that keep workers safer in an efficient, cost-effective way.

  • Leading Refinery Optimises its Gas Detection Program with iNet – iNet keeps employees at this refinery safer while increasing their productivity.
  • Leading Oilfield Services Company Strengthens its Gas Detection Program with iNet – iNet provides visibility into this oilfield services company’s gas detection program while eliminating manual recordkeeping tasks.
  • South West Water Maintains a Reliable Fleet with iNet – iNet removed the hassle of maintaining gas instruments while increasing the safety of the South West Water team.
iNet at Work
iNet at Work
iNet at Work

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iNet by the Numbers

Today, there are more than 164,000 gas detectors on iNet at more than 6,900 customer sites in 34+ countries around the world.


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