Gas Detector Rental Programme

There are plenty of instances in which it makes perfect sense to rent versus buy – a car to make a short road trip, a venue to host a party, a van on moving day, and more. When it comes to gas detection, it's as easy a decision.

Temporary Gas Detection Needs

For many of your short-term, and even long-term, gas detection needs, renting versus buying gas monitors and accessories is more efficient, cost-effective and generally makes better sense.

  • Turnrounds
  • Outages
  • Special projects
  • Experiments/tests
  • Emergencies
  • Contractor work

Benefits of Renting Versus Buying

When renting gas detection equipment for your short-term needs, the expenses and maintenance burdens of ownership are eliminated. And when renting from Industrial Scientific, you can expect to receive the same robust, reliable instruments that will keep your people safer.

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